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Skimboarding in the Philippines

Skimboarding is undoubtedly an intense water sport famous in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Spain where skimmers cruise the waves that break up on the shore line rather than the massive waves as done in surfing.

Skimboarding was initially introduced to the town of Tanauan in Leyte, today referred to as the Skimboarding Capital of the Philippines.

It was in 2000 when American holiday-maker Tim Garret acquainted four teenage beach enthusiasts, Dodot Primer, Lennart Encina, Byvan Maceda, and Darwin Maceda, with skimboarding. Garret also educated the local folks how to construct their very own skimboards.

In just a decade, significantly more visitors from nearby villages and other provinces were being driven into the sport, and what was previously a type of recreation quickly evolved right into a number of warm and friendly competitions.

Skimboarding involves rapid running, dropping and mounting on the board, and gliding over the short waves long before the water breaks on the shore. Whilst skimboarding is really a variation of surfing, the former may be possible even without massive waves.

The particular boards utilized are flat and shorter as compared to surf boards. A skim board does not have any shark’s fin-like projection and is also heavier as compared with an average surf board. Perhaps the most common skim board is manufactured out of smoothed marine plywood and fiberglass, and is six kilograms in approximated weight mainly because it does not demand much buoyancy.

Deutsch: Flatland-Skimboarder

Deutsch: Flatland-Skimboarder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)